Cushion Brilliant

You may think that the term “Cushion cut” refers to simply one diamond shape. In fact there are a vast number of differing diamond cuts included in this group. These include the “Rolls Royce” of cushions called the “Cushion brilliant”.

Although there are many variants, cushion cut diamonds can be categorised into two main types. The most perfect type is the “Cushion Brilliant” and its variants. The rest are what the GIA refers to as “Cushion Modified Brilliant”. The two, although similar sounding, should not be confused as they are vastly different!

Why a Cushion Brilliant?

As you may already know, we are passionate at Ellissi about great diamonds. This is because we want our rings to be the best. It is for this reason we tend to use the Cushion Brilliant the most when a client asks for a cushion diamond. It is the diamond cut most seen in rings in our cushion cut diamond rings simply because it is the best.

The cushion brilliant has a perfect rounded square shape. In most cases it shares the 57 facets of the Round Brilliant. They also have perfect looking symmetry and very importantly, a larger diameter. Weight for weight these beautiful diamonds can be around 15% larger than the standard type of cushion.  Being physically bigger means that a 1.00 ct cushion brilliant is as large in diameter as a standard 1.20 ct cushion.

Perfectly cut cushion brilliant cut diamond

Not only are these diamonds better in size, they have also a cleaner sharper look to their faceting. This is mainly due to the fact that this diamond type is the closest in cut design to the round brilliant. From a technical aspect that makes them one of the most perfect diamonds you can buy.

Cushion Brilliant Rarity.

Just because you see a lot of these diamond displayed on the Ellissi site, don’t think this is easily arrived at. The fact is, Cushion brilliants make up around 2 – 3 % of the total supply of cushion cut diamonds in the world. We try very hard to get cushion brilliant cuts wherever possible, simply because they are the best. We spend hours hunting through cutting inventories to identify potential candidates for the rings we make. Usually we have great success, as our website shows, after all we have been doing this job for over 35 years. However if you want the best, sometimes you need to be patient, as some (very large) sizes are just about impossible to find.

Why is a Cushion Brilliant so rare?

Even though the cushion brilliant is a better diamond cut than 95% of cushion diamonds. To arrive at a finished “Cushion Brilliant ” the cutter needs to cut away more diamond material from the rough crystal. This would not be the case if they were cutting the standard cushion cut type called “cushion modified brilliant”. Diamond cutting is mostly about return on time and investment. Cutters more often cut the “Modified” cushion shape as it is fuller at the back. It has with a thicker girdle ( edge ) and carries more weight in the crown. The result is standard cushions has less well balanced cut in many cases. This decision has retained weight and this is to a large extent what diamonds are costed on. It is the decision many cutters make even though cut performance is sacrificed as a consequence.

The cushion brilliant is by far the very best cushion diamond you can have. It has better cut, better shape, better sparkle, better size for weight. It is also a very good price in mm size, relative to the heavier cushion or the round brilliant cut. It is definitely a very strong contender for “best possible” outcome for an engagement ring. In fact this diamond type in my view, is a contender as the best cut diamond ever produced.