Price of an Engagement Ring: One Design, Different Diamonds

Collection of engagement rings featuring three solitaires and a three stone emerald cut diamond ring

Following on from part one of our series “Cost of an Engagement Ring” we will take a look at a sample ring from our collection and discuss varying the weight and grade of the central diamond so that we can accommodate differing budget levels. In each case you will see how the price of an
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Cost of an Engagement Ring. 

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

“What does that diamond engagement ring cost?” is a question that we are often asked by clients. And, as with all things diamond, the answer is not straightforward. The cost of an engagement ring can be tailored to suit different budget levels when you have a custom made engagement rings. We do this simply by
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TOP TEN Issues when Purchasing a Diamond

Collection of superb diamond engagement rings hand crafted by Ellissi's jewellers

Here are the Top Ten Issues When Purchasing a Diamond: In this blog we have looked at the top ten issues when purchasing a diamond that you should consider, if it is a great diamond that you want. 1) Certification GIA should be the standard applied in most cases. More about this in Certification 2)
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Clarity Grade Issues: The Diamond Analogy

Diamonds can be given the same grade but this does not mean they are the same.

Same Clarity Grade? Doesn’t Mean They are Equal. Purchasing a diamond based just on its grade and price is unwise, as although two diamonds may be the same grade on paper, they can look, and in fact be, vastly different. This is of particular importance when looking at the clarity grade of a diamond. Although
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How to Work out the Engagement Ring Finger Size

Ring on a good quality ruler to measure the diameter of the ring

Working out the finger size for an engagement ring is pretty easy if everyone is in the loop on the ring purchase.  The ring finger is on the left hand and is the finger next to the little finger ( just so the guys know ). If the person receiving the ring knows all about
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How To Buy an Engagement Ring

Group of different styles of engagement and highly detailed dress rings crafted in our studio workshop

In the Past, Retail Shops Were the only Option In the past, when a couple wished to purchase an engagement ring, a retail jewellery store was the only place to go. Many couples walked into a shop knowing very little about the product they were buying. They paid a considerable amount of money to purchase an
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