Amazing Engagement Ring Find

Like Meghan Markle's engagement ring, this ring features a cushion cut central diamond, but this one is flanked by two round rubies instead of round diamonds

The news is often full of stories of the latest celebrity to be swanning around Hollywood sporting an amazing engagement ring. It seems that each ring is bigger and better than the one before it. Where can it end I ask myself? But what has struck me in the news this week are some incredible
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Where Is My Diamond From?

Diamond certification provided by GIA supplied by Ellissi diamonds

“Where is my diamond from?” This is a question that clients often ask us. Knowing the mine that your diamond is from, has, until now, been virtually impossible. (Unless you dug it out of the ground yourself!). Unlike some sapphires, there is nothing in the way a diamond looks or its structure that helps us
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Sapphire colours: Unusual Particoloured Gemstones

Colour sapphires in this blue green hue are rare

Sapphires are one of the most beautiful gemstones nature has given us. Many people are surprised to learn that sapphires are found in a multitude of colours. Sapphire colours can be almost anything from blues to pinks to greens, purples, orange yellows, apricot, violet, orange and many shades in between. Sapphires can also even be
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Pink Diamond Sale Sets A Record

Pink Star pink diamond

The jewellery world is abuzz today with the news that a 59.60 carat Internally Flawless, Fancy Vivid Pink diamond sold at auction yesterday. It is the largest diamond of this grade that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has ever graded. The auction, by Sotheby’s, attracted three telephone bidders. After five minutes of intense bidding,
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Great Diamonds: A Whopping 706 Carat Find in Sierra Leone

Great diamonds: This one is a whopping 706 carats!

Great diamonds are not commonly found by small, independent fossickers. Usually we expect the big diamond finds to be coming from large mining companies. After, all, they have all the tools and equipment. And they can pay for all the expert know how that is part of any big mining venture. But this week there
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Aquamarine is the Birthstone for March

Aquamarine ring, 6.90ct. and 40 x round brilliant cut diamondsd

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. It is also the gemstone for your 19th wedding anniversary. Aquamarine is a beautiful, transparent blue. It sometimes has a slight greenish blue tinge. The name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin word for seawater. Like the sea, it can be light to dark blue and has a vitreous (glass
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What is the Cost of a 1 Carat Diamond?

1 carat diamond, round brilliant cut, set in a four claw 18ct. white gold ring

Many couples start looking for an engagement ring with an idea that they would like a one carat diamond in their engagement ring. This seems to be the magic weight that for many is a “must have” for their dream engagement ring. But what is the cost of a 1 carat diamond, they ask? The
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Amethyst: The Birthstone for February

Amethyst crystal before it is cut into gemstones for jewellery

I can’t believe it but January is over and already we are half way through February! Like most other years this one is flying by. This blog is one of a series providing info about the different birthstones for each month of the year. The birthstone for February is the beautiful gemstone amethyst. My apologies
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