Custom Made Engagement Rings

Welcome to the Ellissi website. Our site features hundreds of exquisite custom made engagement rings. These are some of the many Ring designs our jewellers have crafted over the years here in our studio workshop in Melbourne. What follows is a portfolio of our stunning work, carried out on behalf of our clients.  As you will see this is no ordinary website.

 Custom Made Engagement Rings By Ellissi

Diamond Rings By Ellissi

We photograph each ring we make prior to client collection or delivery. Some of these rings are shown in the following pages so you can see the beautiful workmanship of our talented jewellers. The photos on the Ellissi site are of real engagement rings, now complete and on the client’s finger. They are not fake images as you see on many jewellery sites. The rings are a testament to the great skills and brilliant craftsmanship of our designer jewellers.

Engagement Rings Made to Order

We take great pride in showing you just a few hundred of the many, many beautiful diamond ring designs we have created over the years. Custom making an engagement ring starts with selection of a great central gemstone. Once we have this selected we then work through the design process with you. For this you may bring along your photographs and ideas as a starting point. Or simply rely on our input from our extensive range of options.  Hand drawn designs are used to bring  together ideas from different concepts. Ellissi rings are completely made “in house” by hand crafting the precious metals and also setting the diamonds here too. We are absolutely passionate about what we do here. This passion really shows in the quality of the engagement rings we make.

At the end of the process in having your ring custom made, you will receive a stunning result, set with a great quality GIA certified diamond.

Selecting a Great Diamond


Diamond certification provided by GIA supplied by Ellissi diamonds

Ellissi is a GIA “Lookup” listed diamond supplier.

Critical to the work that we do is choosing a fantastic central diamond. Expertise and a keen eye for detail is the required skill set. After all, no two diamonds are the same, even if they are the same grade, so choosing correctly requires a knowledge base that is gained over many, many years of experience. Picking the good from the bad and ugly in diamonds is second nature to Ellissi’s jewellers. It is impossible to make a great looking diamond ring with poorly chosen, poor quality diamonds.

We have years of experience in diamond selection and a reputation that is second to none. You are in the very best of hands with Ellissi. We will educate, advise and guide you to the best possible outcome for your budget. At last count, altogether our jewellers at Ellissi had more than 70 years experience in the diamond trade. All of this experience is in our speciality of selecting beautiful gemstones and hand crafting superb engagement and wedding rings.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to ask a question about any of the styles you see on our site. Of course, as we are custom designers, we are not restricted to the designs you see here. Please feel free to contact us to have a chat about your requirements.

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